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Tanita Alcohol Sensor HC207

Tanita Alcohol Sensor HC207

Product Details The HC207 estimates the level of alcohol in your blood by analysing your breath. It works by simply breathing onto the unit, activating a precision gas sensor. A numerical reading is instantly given indicating the level of alcohol. Your Alcohol Level Reading Blood Alcohol Concentration mg/100ml g/l, %o, mg/ml 0 0.00 10 0.10 20 0.20 30...
AlcoSmart Professional Alcohol Breathalyser

AlcoSmart Professional Alcohol Breathalyser

This product is designed to make sure if you have to drive, that you are safe to do so. Particularly in situations the morning after when you feel fine, but have no way of telling if your body has significantly processed your alcohol intake from the night before. On average it takes around one hour for each unit of alcohol to pass through the body -...
Alcosense Singles Disposable Breathalyzers

Alcosense Singles Disposable Breathalyzers

These special AlcoSense Singles have been NF Approved and meet the legal requirement to have in your vehicle when driving in France from July 2012. Please note none of the other breathalysers we sell, Alcosense or otherwise, are NF approved. As of July in France It will be the law to carry one unused test, therefore it is advised that you carry a minimum...